Somabar: Automated bartending for every business

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The sun is out, the drinks are flowing, and cocktails are a must-have for this beautiful weather. Luckily, this new technology solves all your time-consuming cocktail problems.

Somabar is an automated bartender system which is designed to go where human bartenders can’t.

It is a self-cleaning machine which can create selected cocktails in 10 seconds or less – sounds like heaven!

Photo: Somabar

How it works is you select from a menu of 300 cocktails or create your own, then fill up the seven SomePod containers with corresponding liquors or mixers.

The Somabar will then create your selected drink in super-speed before automatically cleaning at the end of service – and it is all controlled by an app.

It has been created for the restaurant and hotel market and retails at $2,000.

Founders of Somabar Purcell-Lowe and Christopher Hameetman, first created the product in 2015 after raising $300,000 dollars on Kickstarter, and now expects to ship to around 10,000 hotels, restaurants, and bars by the end of 2018.

For more information about Somabar, click or tap here.