Un-baa-lievable! You can now do goat yoga in this Lincoln village

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Yoga has been a popular form of exercise for many years now, but a new pastime has launched in Lincoln that is a little different… goat yoga.

This is not spell-check playing tricks on you, goat yoga is now a thing and it sounds incredible! Providing you like goats of course.

Bluebell Wood Goats and Farm Shop on Scothern Road, in Nettleham has launched a four-week course of goat yoga.

It runs on a Friday morning at 11am and costs £5 per session.

Photo: Bluebell Wood

Goat yoga is exactly what it says on the tin, it is a yoga class where the goats on the farm have open access to the guests during their practice.

Sam Bertins, owner of Bluebell Wood told CityX: “The feedback has been great.

“People find it very relaxing and a welcome change from the usual yoga.

“It combines the benefits of yoga, exercise and mindfulness of your own body, with animal therapy and fresh air.

“The goats are so friendly and people tell me that it makes them feel happy, just being around them.

“The idea came from people sending me videos of goat yoga in America and as a qualified gym instructor I thought, would this work here? So far I would say a resounding yes!

“The classes entail gentle yoga, out on the field with the baby goats. They mill around, come for cuddles and sometimes sit on the mats with you. ”

For more information about goat yoga at Bluebell Wood, click or tap here.