Woofly: Would your workplace benefit from a dog in the office?

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For dog lovers, being able to have a quick cuddle with your beloved pooch during work hours sounds like bliss, but could having a dog in the office actually be beneficial?

As part of Take Your Dog to Work Day, which is celebrated nationally on June 22 (yes really!), CityX spoke to businesses across the city about the pros and cons of having a fur-baby in the office.

According to a study published in a 2012 edition of International Journal of Workplace Health Management, the study found that ’employees who brought their dogs to work experienced significantly lower stress levels during the workday’ and ‘that a sizeable portion of pet-free co-workers also viewed the dogs’ presence as having a positive effect on their productivity’.

It has also been found that hormonal changes occur when humans and dogs interact, which is what helps relieve stress.

Louis Arthur at the Stokes office in Lincoln

But we aren’t taking that as fact just yet… here is what businesses in Lincoln have experienced from having a pooch at work:

Neil Everatt, CEO at Selenity told CityX: “We’ve had Sweep here at Selenity for over a year now.

“He came as a puppy and wanders the office and sits in on meetings.

“Before he arrived we had to do some checks around allergies, and ask colleagues how they felt about it. Nobody objected.

“During recruitment we now make a point (joke) about being responsible for the Office Dog (Off-dog) just to make sure new colleagues are comfortable with the idea.

“How you put a value on having Sweep is a tough one. What I can say is that colleagues go and see him for a bit of chill time and you often see him playing football in the corridors with the technical teams. Sweep makes colleagues smile.

“The cons are the usual puppy related ones, you can guess. But we are stable now.

“We use the Blue Peter dog model, he’s owned and looked after by Darren Newton our Chief Technology Officer and Sweep is in the office everyday.”

Bradley McKenny, Operations Director at Distract said: “Having dogs in the office started by accident when Tom needed to bring in his dog from home, Finlay, as his brother wasn’t able to look after him for a day, and now we have another office regular Toby, who is Craig’s dog!

“We tend to have a dog in the office on average three days a week – the team are always asking when the next dog is in!

“It makes the office more interesting: especially at lunchtimes, when quite often, a dog will come up to you and beg for food!

“I think it keeps morale high as even if people are working on computers at their desks, the dogs will come up to you and say hello!”

Mel Holliday, Nabaging Director at Chiselwood added: “This is our new work pup Geoffrey.

“For us he lifts the office and keeps us energised.

“We appreciate some people may have allergies or not like dogs, however it works for us.”

Geoffrey at Chiselwood

David Sykes, Account Manager at Carrington Communications commented: “This is Percy, the office dog at Carrington Communications.

“He loves it when he gets to visit us. He makes a bed for himself under the desk in the corner and enjoys walks around the city at lunchtime.

“I think Westies make for ideal office dogs: They’re small, non-shedding and really good company.”

David Allen, Director at Allen Signs said: “Here’s our Poppy in the office.

“She is really good for keeping things in check in the office. Always ready to meet whoever stops by.”

Poppy at Allen Signs

Paul Burrows, CEO and Founder of KryptoKloud said: “I take Daisy into the office here at KryptoKloud for a few hours at least once a week.

“She loves it and the staff love it, her nickname is “KryptoDog”.

“Certainly does no harm – but I wouldn’t do it everyday and I never take her in when we have clients around.”

Having a dog at work may not be for every business, but there does seem to be pros and cons of having a pooch in the office – even for a short period of time!