How this local firm helped save school £320k

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Lincolnshire renewable energy company Greenio is set to save a high school more than £320,000 over the next 15 years – just by changing its lightbulbs.

Greenio, based in Sleaford, has installed a full LED lighting system both internally and externally at the Trinity Catholic School, in Nottingham.

The 1,350 LED project, which has just completed its second phase, will begin to offer savings of more than 150,000kg of carbon dioxide per year – the equivalent of over 200 trees.

Changing the external lights at the school also improves health and safety and will save the education facility an estimated extra £3,000 per year. The school plans to invest the money it will be saving into books, laptops and staff development.

Assistant headteacher Steve Manderson said: “As a project it sounded daunting to change 1,350 lights in the school but it was a surprisingly smooth process.

“Since the first installation of the LED lights six months ago, we’ve already seen the energy bills come down.”

The installation was cost neutral, with the school paying the difference in savings for the duration of a four-year payback period in order to cover the capital cost of the equipment.

Anna Wooster, managing director of Greenio, said: “There are no upfront costs for the school and it will always be in a positive position.

“The school now has more money to spend on learning and providing a better education for pupils.

“You’d think having to change thousands of lightbulbs would cause some disruption but no learning is interrupted.”