Local company invests £250k in launch of new mobile network

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Just Telecomms, part of Northern Lincolnshire-based Just Utilities, has been providing fixed and mobile services to firms for some years, but now in a first for the area, its owner Richard Powell will launch his own mobile virtual network, bringing the latest in technology and integration to business users right across the country.

Named Our Telecom, the network will be launched in September and has seen around £250,000 invested into it so far.

The company will use Centile ISTRA Cloud as the platform for this service.

This network launch is also expected to create between 20 and 30 jobs over the next two years.

Some of the benefits to this a network include:

  • A single voicemail box for landline and mobile
  • Full presence across all devices – if you make a call from any device and you’re busy, lamp field will show colleagues you are on the phone, even if that call is made from the mobile in the South of France
  • Full access to the company address book while mobile

Richard Powell, Just Telecomms Founder and Director, said: “These are exciting times for us and although it’s early days, we are getting a lot of interest from our customers.

“This service will provide all our customers with so much flexibility, they can for example have one number for everything, mobile and landline, or chose to reroute office call to their mobile all at no extra cost.

“The system can even detect when someone is not available and reroute the phone to someone in your company who is.

“This is a big investment for Just Telecomms but we believe that as an agile small business ourselves, we can provide a level of customer service, and flexibility our business customers need that the large multinationals seem to be unable to provide.”