CityX tries: Hotpod Yoga

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Hotpod Yoga, Europe’s largest yoga company pioneering ‘yoga for real life’ has now launched in Lincoln, and so I thought it only right to have a go.

Now, I admit I am not the most flexible person in the world, nor am I the fittest – and I have never done yoga before – never mind in 37°c heat. I also admit I thought it was going to be easy – yoga is just some stretches and balancing right? Wrong.

If you are looking for something a bit different, with an intense workout, where you push yourself to your own limits, this is definitely worth a try.

The pods are heated to 37 degrees. Photo: CityX

Hotpod Yoga classes, which are based at Unit 19 on Earlsfield Close, are taken in inflatable, heated studios, which from the outside, look a bit like a bouncy castle.

As you step in, you are hit by the heat, which is actually really nice and due to the dimmed purple lighting, you instantly feel relaxed.

We started our workout with our instructor Charlotte, which saw us do a variety of stretches before being taught different poses at a range levels to match our ability.

Photo: CityX

After only half an hour I couldn’t believe how much I was sweating and how much of a workout it was.

One bit of advice – make sure you take a good-sized water bottle. Due to the heat you constantly need to keep hydrated.

After the session, stepping out into the cooler air is one of the best feelings, and providing you have pushed yourself, you will definitely to feel the difference in your muscles.

Inside the pod. Photo: CityX

To end the experience, I caught up with owner Kristen Ingraham-Morgan, who also owns LN Crossfit Lincoln, to find out more about why she set up Hotpod Yoga in the city.

She said: “I am a strength and conditioning coach and I wanted to do something that was going to improve my flexibility and help me to be calm and meditate.

I was looking for a yoga class locally that suit me as there are lots of different styles, and I went to my first Hotpod Yoga class Long Bennington, as that was the closest at the time, in January this year and absolutely fell in love with the whole experience.

Photo: CityX

“It was so easy to follow, even for someone like me who was a novice, and I went back for another session not long after and on my way back from that session I decided I was going to contact the head office and what it would take to get a franchise.

“It was something I really wanted to bring to Lincoln.

“The feedback so far has been immense. At our launch weekend on July 28 and 29 we saw 140 people come through the doors for all sizes, shapes, abilities – it has been amazing and we are so far exceeding expectations.”

Photo: CityX

The verdict? Hotpod Yoga is definitely worth a try, no matter your ability or size, it is for everyone and something, I think, is going to increase in popularity.

Cost wise, the sessions cost £10 for an hour, however there are various deals, including 5 sessions for £45 and 10 sessions for £80.

Want to have a free session? Enter the code 7LPW3X when booking online.