Lincoln entrepreneurs launch desk company like no other

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Three Lincoln entrepreneurs have launched a new business, which aims to provide the ultimate in office furniture.

Adaptive Desks, founded by Oliver Windle, Dan Howitt and Ben Shepheard, creates high quality, motor-powered desks, which are not only durable, but also can be customised to suit your work environment needs.

More than just a desk

Each desk is sized at 1500mm x 730mm and costs £799 – but what makes it different from any other?

  • Custom Height – With four memory options, you can quickly change the height of your desk.
  • Handmade Desktops – Beautiful, handmade reclaimed wood desktops.
  • Dual Motor – All desks use high quality heavy duty dual motor legs.
  • Speed & Weight – The desks can support up to 120KG in weight.
  • Standing – The desks are just as secure and solid at their maximum height

The team has now set up an Indiegogo campaign, with an aim of raising £25,000 for the new venture. Desks bought through this campaign can be purchased for £699 + shipping, with the first 15 backers able to purchase the desks for £599 + shipping.

Oliver told CityX: “Work environments are changing, for the better.

“Businesses and individuals are beginning to realise more and more the importance of great environments on productivity of staff.

“We believe that great environments encourage great work, that’s why we founded Adaptive Desks.

“Made from handmade reclaimed pine our desks not only look elegant but feel amazing.

“With smooth hand crafted tops, and durable matt black legs to support the desk, rest assured, your co-workers will be jealous.

“Employers and employees are waking up to the reality that offices are, broadly speaking, unhealthy places to work.

“There’s been a lot of research by the British journal of sports medicine around standing desks, and they’ve found there is a lot of major health benefits from varying your day with both standing and sitting down.

“Such as reduced back pain, better metabolism and reduction in risk of heart disease.”

Anyone interested in fitting out their office, and would like to place a bulk order can email [email protected]

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