Chiselwood MD appointed to national ACID Council

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Mel Holliday, Managing Director of Lincoln kitchen and furniture design company Chiselwood, has been appointed to the national ACID (Anti Copying in Design) Advisory Council.

The ACID Council is a guiding influence on design and Intellectual Property strategy now and for the future.

Chiselwood, like other companies within their sector, have experienced several issues where competitors have copied their designs from whole room plans to individual pieces.

Martin Holliday, founder of Chiselwood and his wife Mel. Photo: Steve Smailes for CityX

For Chiselwood, using ACID and their experienced teams has given them the confidence to continue and strengthen ways to protect themselves for the future.

Chiselwood MD Mel Holliday said: “As an acclaimed award-winning design-led company, we are constantly innovating through creative design.

“This takes considerable investment and when we are copied and look alikes are produced from our original designs we naturally get very frustrated.

“Chiselwood are proud of being leaders, not followers. Through ACID, we have built up a robust knowledge of our IP rights and have created a sound IP strategy against those who copy.

“I hope to work with ACID within our sector to encourage an ethos of IP respect, compliance, ethics and to help build an understanding that it is wrong to use our IP unlawfully.”

ACID’s CEO, Dids Macdonald, OBE added: “Mel brings a keen awareness of IP to the Council, sadly through her own experiences of Chiselwood’s designs being copied, but it is this knowledge which will help ACID better understand the challenges that she and others face within the bespoke kitchen sector.

“I very much look forward to working with her to improve IP awareness and understanding within the kitchen and bespoke furniture sector.”