Meat Inc. joins global carbon free dining initiative

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Meat Inc. has teamed up with the Carbon Free Dining, a United Nations-backed Restaurant initiative, to help change the lives of communities across the developing world.

The Carbon Free Dining certification programme, managed by Green Earth Appeal, and in partnership with Lightspeed, is a rapidly growing way for restaurants to showcase their Corporate Social Responsibility.

So far, Meat Inc., which is based at Caenby Corner off the A15, has planted 100 trees through the initiative.

Each tree planted effectively offsets a ton of Carbon Dioxide from the environment.

A spokesperson for the company said: “[We are] very proud to be a part of ‘Carbon Free Dining’, which is now helping change the lives of communities across the developing world for generations to come.

“Meat Inc. loves its diners, the environment and the planet and now, has teamed up with Carbon Free Dining to demonstrate its love for the environment by planting trees to offset its carbon footprint.”