Richard Jones: Diesel and petrol car ban could come sooner than first thought

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The Select Committee for Business and the Environment has today reported that they want to see the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars brought forward from 2040 to 2032.

They have accused the government of a lack of ambition and clarity in this.

This is a significant report and of interest to Lincolnshire as we are a rural county and individuals without electric cars worry about where they can recharge electric cars.

It’s also important to our visitor economy that we have a network of charging points so that people with electric cars will feel they can come to Lincolnshire.

We have all seen a few Teslas on our streets and high end manufacturers have been the first to bring significant numbers to market.

Now other, more mass manufacturers are bringing cars on stream – in recent times Vauxhall Hyundai, Skoda and Ford have announced new cars which will be available in showrooms in the next year or two.

The government must give us more clarity about its plans and not wait to be influenced solely by manufacturers – this change will present a whole range of opportunities for many businesses in Lincolnshire to offer better services to its customers…from increased connectivity and the Internet of Things, just to give one example.

But what of the charge point network… EV Camel’s experience is that owners of hospitality businesses are reluctant to invest until there are more electric cars so they will see a return on the costs.

EV Camel has started an investment programme in charge points with the first
public facing fast EV charge point at Rand Farm Park.

This charging station headlines a network of up to 30 such charging points to be installed across Lincolnshire.

The charge points are due to be installed at some of Lincolnshire’s busiest visitor attractions and businesses that are located at waypoints across the County for people travelling to the Coast or North/South.

The charge points will be free of capital cost to the host locations with the idea being to support their businesses through having this facility.

Richard Jones is the Managing Director of EV Camel, based in Grimblethorpe, Louth.