Stunning townhouses planned for Castle Square

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You may have seen the printed mesh depicting the frontage of the former Hansord Antiques shop and wondered what was occurring at 6/7 Castle Hill.

Lincoln-based developers Newell’s Projects are in the process of submitting a planning application to convert the store back to two residential town houses, retaining all of the features, charm and history of the Grade II listed building.

Speaking to Managing Director David Newell, he told CityX: “Whilst in the process of submitting a planning application and under the guidance and agreement of the local Conservation Officer, we have been removing or rectifying work carried out that has been detrimental to the building.

“During the works and as a resident of the Bailgate myself, we decided to erect the printed screen to preserve the aesthetics of Castle Square.”

The intention is to revert the property back to two residential houses using plans from 1680, with a firm commitment to restoring the building ‘back to its former glory’ and retaining all of the period features.

One planned element will be a stunning kitchen in the basement which extends out into Castle Square.

Newell Projects are also hoping to uncover a mysterious portion of the building that’s not been accessible since the 1800s – an unusual grate on the left frontage of the building alludes to a space behind that, with the agreement of Conservation, will be explored to see what is hiding within.

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