Rewind: Lincoln Hack 2018

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LincolnHack, a free 24 hour coding competition, took place at Boole Technology Centre, giving teams the chance to compete for prizes.

Taking place on November 10 and 11, the event, which was in its third year, included hardware hacks, software hacks, games, API mash-ups and more – with teams having 24 hours to complete different challenges.

LincolnHack is a non-profit event, supported by sponsors, designed to encourage the development of a tech community within Lincolnshire, as well as promote Lincolnshire as place to do tech.

This year’s event saw teams from Lincoln, Oxford, Manchester and Essex attend.

Lincoln Hack 2018 Challenges:

Build a Chaos Recovery Machine

For this year’s Khaos Control challenge, teams had to develop a solution to help mitigate the effects of a disaster of their choosing.

Disasters could include natural ones (earth quakes etc), man-made ones (the global financial collapse?), or how to recover from a political upset…

This year’s winning entry was a disaster heat map tool – an app which people can use to alert the authorities to danger.

The power of the collective

For this year’s Epix Media challenge, teams had to build something which harnesses the power of the collective to achieve a purpose of their choosing.

This year’s winning entry was a collaborative hockey game – a multiplayer game allowing people to connect their phones together and use them as a big screen.

Schools of the futures

For this year’s ScholarPack challenge, teams had to produce something to allow schools to make better use of technology to engage with parents, teachers and/or pupils.

This year’s winning entry was a tool to blue out faces of children in photos, i.e. a safeguarding tool for teachers.

Come up with a novel use for Crypto

For this year’s Recap challenge, the Lincoln start-up asked teams to create something to get their Gran using crypto.

This year’s winning entry was a tool which allowed people to tip others, e.g waiters.

Lincoln Hack Freestyle

This year the Lincoln Hack Freestyle Challenge was won by a team who had wired up a remote control care to a steering wheel.

They had a camera on the car, allowing the the driver to see as if they were sat in the car.

The team built a model of Lincoln, which others could drive around.