Hidden Gems of Lincolnshire: Donna Nook

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Donna Nook is a destination on people’s Christmas calendar in hope of witnessing the birth of one of the hundreds of baby seals. With this in mind, CityX took a trip to this hidden gem of Lincolnshire.

Every late October to December, from dawn until dusk, the public are welcome to visit and view the seals and their new pups.

The nature reserve can be found at Marsh Lane, LN11 7PD, where over 10km of coastline is covered, between North Grainthorpe Haven and South Saltfleet.

Photo by Jemima Sullivan for CityX.

Admission is free for all, however parking is £5 per car on weekends and £4 on weekdays.

Some 20% of this fee is donated to the Trust for upkeep of the nature reserve and protection of the seals.

Catering and portaloos are available from November to December.

Wheelchair access is available and no dogs are allowed.

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