How businesses benefit from Lincoln Christmas Market

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Lincoln Christmas Market is just around the corner and local businesses are getting ready for the festive weekend. With this in mind CityX spoke to local businesses on Steep Hill and Bailgate about how the annual market benefits them.

Lincoln Christmas Market will take place in uphill Lincoln from December 6 – 9 and welcomes thousands of visitors to the city each year.

The market has developed dramatically since it began with just 11 stalls, and now sees businesses from across the country pitch up for the festivities, while locally, the market brings thousands of new customers to the uphill businesses.

Take a look at how the market benefits the local economy:

‘Sales increase dramatically’

Photo by Jemima Sullivan for CityX.

Adam Barthorpe, assistant manager of Roly’s Fudge on Steep Hill said: “Sales are increased quite dramatically.

“When we open up we have queue outside the door and overall it has a really positive affect.

“We have a stall at the market and it is going to include all of our fudge varieties, especially the seasonal ones which include Christmas pudding baileys, chocolate orange and chocolate mint.

“We have a festive box as well, which has these festive flavours in.”

The business has been in Lincoln for 6 years, since 2012 and has had a stall at the Christmas market every year.

Increase in footfall

Photo by Jemima Sullivan for CityX.

Nichola Lockwood, manager at Bells’ on Steep Hill said: “Footfall goes up a lot, we are open longer and we open an hour earlier and stay open later.

“It’s long days and it’s busy all day but it’s really nice, everybody is in a good mood and we forward to it.”

The building has alway been a tea room and since becoming Bells’ it has not had a stall at the market because the shop gets busy.

Nichola continued: “We do a slightly shortened menu, we do a few extra things like turkey and brie and cranberry panini’s and mince pies.”

‘The best weekend of the year’

Danny Gill for Browns Restaurant and Pie Shop.

Browns Restaurant and Pie Shop has been a hotspot in Lincoln for 32 years and is looking forward to the busy Christmas market.

Danny Gill, owner of the business on Steep Hill said: “The Christmas Market is the best weekend of the year, it’s great for the business and great for the city in general.

“It is a good event which brings so much positivity.

“We open an hour earlier and we serve all day which we normally do anyway.”

The business has previously had a stall at the market also but due the organisation of last year’s market – which closed a day early in 2017 due to snow predications, Danny made the decision not to exhibit at this year’s market.

Browns Pie Show will however, have a special Christmas menu to help visitors get into the festive spirit.

Festive ice cream bringing in customers

Photo by Jemima Sullivan for CityX.

A spokesperson for the The Ice Cream Parlour said: “Around winter it is quite quiet so when it is the Christmas Market there’s a lot more footfall.”

For the Christmas season the shop will have Christmas pudding ice cream and mince pies in the coffee shop.

‘Excited for our first Christmas Market’

Photo by Jemima Sullivan for CityX.

Co-owner of the mother and daughter business The Old Mouse House Cheese Shop and Coffee Bar, Mollie Haines said: “I think every business is excited and nervous for the Christmas market.

“We try to prepare as much as we can but you don’t know what will happen.”

The business will not have a stall as it is their first year, however, Lymn Bank, a brand the business sells will have a stall.

There are lots of cheese and coffee deals on this season and throughout the year.

The business is excited for the benefits the Christmas market will have and look forward to the coming year.