How to create the perfect Christmas look from Beauty Boulevard

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It’s nearly Christmas and that means one thing – time to look glam and dress to impress!

With this in mind, Beauty Boulevard has created a perfect Christmas look to match your ‘lips and tips’ using their Glitter Lips product.

The company was founded in 2013 in Lincoln by Paula Short and Rachel de Caux, first as a beauty salon called Glitter Lips.

Beauty BLVD founders and creators of Glitter Lips Rachel de Caux and Paula Short

Creating Glitter Lips as a product to sell in their store was their first move to success.

After a trip to London and a visit to Topshop, Paula and Rachel were quickly noticed by beauty workers at the store and were later contacted by Millie Kendall and Anna Marie Solowij.

Glitter lips is now available to buy from over 700 stockists around the UK and Ireland and also Australia, Sweden, New York and Denmark.

Festive Lips

This is a tutorial for Pink Christmas Glitter Lips using Beauty BLVD’s Glitter Love in Vintage Pretty:

  1. Ensure lips are dry and clean
  2. Keeping lips parted, apply the gloss bond. Allow the gloss bond to turn from white to clear. TIP: Apply one lip at a time
  3. Generously apply glitter top lips using the application pad, ensuring an even coverage. HINT: Lightly dampened to help lift glitter
  4. Dust off any excess and you are ready to go! TIP: Remove with an oil based make-up remover

Impressive nails

This is a tutorial for Pink Christmas Gel Nails using Beauty BLVD’s Glitter Love in Vintage Pretty:

The nail look uses a variation of solid glitter and glitter waterfall techniques.

  1. PREP: Push back and remove the cuticles, buff nail (gel adheres better to rough nails)
  2. Apply clear base coat and set with lamp for 60 seconds
  3. Apply 2 coats of your preferred colour (we used a nude), set each under the lamp for 60 seconds
  4. For a solid glitter nail, apply Glitter Love by pouring glitter over the nail (avoiding the others as any glitter that touches will adhere). Press on slightly.  The Vintage Pretty shade was used for this tutorial for an extra sparkly, girly effect.
  5. For the waterfall effect (gradient), use a brush to apply the same shade of glitter to the top quarter of the nail close to the cuticle. Use less pressure to “fan out” the glitter up the nail to blend the two shades together. This should create a seamless effect.
  6. Apply top coat and set under the lamp for 60 seconds. This will remove the tackiness and keep the glitter in place.
  7. Apply an additional top coat if nails feel “grainy” where glitter is applied. The nail should feel smooth and bump-free.