Land on Dixon Street up for auction

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A 42 year lease on land on Dixon Street, which has previously been used for billboards, is up for sale through auction.

The 2,300 sq ft rectangular site in front of a car service centre, close to the Stoneacre car dealership, is up for auction through Strettons.

The space, which has a guide price of between £9,000 and £10,000, currently includes two advertising hoardings, however has previously held six billboards on the land opposite the hand car wash.

A 99 year leased on the land was taken from 1961, meaning there is 42 years left on the current contract at £4 p.a. (yes just £4).

Currently, the land is being offered vacant, meaning there is no income for the purchaser; with JC Decaux seemingly abandoning the plot ‘as is’.

A spokesperson at Strettons has said the advert hoardings do not necessarily have to remain on the land, however they will be left for the purchaser to deal with.

Philip Waterfield, Auction Director at Streets told CityX: “This is one of several small sites dotted around the country that we are selling on behalf of JC Decaux each of which have interesting prospects.

“This site in Lincoln has been used for advertising displays and as such, subject to permission, is suitable for a continued use, perhaps by a local business.

“Alternatively, having seen many “pop-up” businesses such as car washes, cafes and the like in recent years, subject to consent we may see a pop-up use here.

“The good thing about an auction is that it brings in a variety of potential buyers, so I hope that on December 10 we’ll see a mix of bidders in the room for this particular lot.”

[Photos below from when multiple advertising hoardings existed]