PP Motor Group invests in latest ADAS technology

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With Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) becoming ever more prevalent in modern cars, PP Motor Group, a fast growing and independent local bodyshop, has taken the step to purchase the equipment needed to calibrate the state-of-the-art systems.

CityX was invited down to PP Motorgroup based just off Newark Road in Lincoln to learn about the range of ADAS equipment that is being specified in new cars and the issues they’ve been encountering with repairing vehicles.

ADAS systems use a range of cameras and sensors to achieve driving aids such as automatic braking, lane control and even as far as ‘auto-pilot’ on Teslas.

Photo: Jacob White for CityX

Unfortunately, even an incident as small as hitting a pothole can cause the sensors to become out of alignment or otherwise uncalibrated, which then prevents the software from understanding what is happening around the car.

An extreme example might be the car thinking a vehicle in the lane next to it is actually on a collision course and automatically applying the brakes – believing it to be preventing an accident.

John Creasey, Managing Director of PP Motor Group told CityX:

“The days of replacing a panel, painting the car and it being fine for the road are numbered.  Today’s vehicles use next level technology and that requires the latest equipment to fix.”

John took the step to invest heavily in the new equipment, allowing them to test and if necessary recalibrate all elements of the ADAS systems from almost every manufacturer on the road.

He added: “We were having to wait weeks, sometimes months, to get the cars booked in with main dealers to calibrate the equipment, that meant inconveniencing our customers for extended periods of time which wasn’t acceptable.

“Whilst a substantial investment, this equipment means we control the entire process from start to finish within our facility; keeping repair duration down to the minimum.”

PP Motor Group is the group company containing Paint Perfect bodyshop and the 2017 acquired MWT garage and workshop; combining the two has allowed for a ‘one stop shop’ for everything a car owner might need to repair or maintain their vehicle.

You can find out more on their website.