Meet the first firms for the 10by10 business accelerator programme

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10by10, a business accelerator programme designed and developed by Greenborough Management Ltd, in partnership with Knowing How and supported by Streets Chartered Accountants and Fraser Brown Solicitors will officially launch tomorrow with its ‘Meet the Mentors’ event.

Last year, Greenborough Management Ltd, in partnership with Knowing How, designed and developed Lincolnshire’s first Business Accelerator Programme.

The programme has been built around business development, training and support with access to specialist mentors.

The concept behind 10by10 was to open the opportunity to ten businesses with growth potential and ambition who, over the course of ten weeks, would attend weekly place-based workshops facilitated by top class educators and mentors – with the chance of pitching for a cash prize at the conclusion of the programme.

Businesses interested in this exciting venture were able to submit applications, whereby, following a period of shortlisting, the 10by10 team selected the following ten businesses who would be invited to take part in the pilot:

  • Root2Recruit
  • Tapkit
  • Rocket Print and Promotions
  • JMAD Architecture
  • Designed for Dogs
  • White Air Solutions
  • Recap Technologies Ltd
  • The Awards People
  • Tricklenet
  • Red Herring Games

On Wednesday, January 9, the 10by10 Programme will launch with the “Meet the Mentors” event – providing the opportunity for the businesses to introduce themselves and their business – setting out their ambitions and what they hope to gain from the programme – and the chance to network with the expert mentors who we have on board.

During the event, the 10by10 Team will pair up mentors with the businesses based on what the businesses hope to achieve and what expert knowledge the mentors have. The mentors will then be in weekly contact with the ten businesses over the course of the programme.

Russell Copley

Russell Copley, Managing Director of Greenborough Management Ltd said: “We are very excited to bring this new initiative to Lincolnshire – it is the first time anyone has ever run a Business Accelerator in this part of the Country, so it’s a great opportunity for businesses to grow.

“We are really keen to get started, to work with our partners and to test the principles and processes we have put in place.”