A UK first: New digital outdoor escape missions to launch in Lincoln

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For those of you who have experienced escape rooms, a new set of outdoor augmented reality missions will be launching in Lincoln next month – the first outdoor digital games to be launched in the UK.

Designed by Tension Group, which includes Tension VR and Tension Exit Games, in conjunction with a European software house, the two games are set to launch in April and each involve walking routes around historic Lincoln to uncover clues, complete tasks and ultimately, save the world from certain disaster.

The system utilises the very latest high precision GPS tracking, augmented realities and technical gadgetry and is suitable for all ages and groups of between 2 and 6 people.

Wheelchair friendly routes will also be available.

Games include:

Operation Mindfall

Tension presents Operation Mindfall

Two new great OUTDOOR experiences coming this easter to Tension!Yesterday we released our first experience, Magic Portal, today we bring you the second one! Anyone ever dreamt of being a secret agent? Check out this video for more info!

Posted by Tension Exit Games on Sunday, 10 March 2019

The mission?

A terrorist organisation known as Spider Tech has developed a virus that infects the human brain, giving the terrorists full control over the victim’s mind.

You and your team of covert operatives have 120 minutes to find the antidote and stop them from unleashing chaos and destruction across the globe.

Magic Portal

Another UK first…

Opening at Tension this Easter.Two incredible 2hr OUTDOOR escape missions.Fun family friendly and awesome experiences.Message us to be invited to be in the first few to experience. There's no place like Tension!

Posted by Tension Exit Games on Saturday, 9 March 2019

The world needs your help! A Magic Portal to another dimension has opened, and evil trolls are coming through, bringing hate and fear into our world.

And this portal is actually somewhere in Lincoln. Are you brave enough to venture out and search for the portal?

On your quest through the city, you will need to solve tasks and riddles to uncover magic crystals, which will help you close the portal – if you can find it.

To aid you on your journey, you will be given some magical items and a tablet, through which you can contact the Goblin, your guide.

Promotional pricing for the first month:

  • 2 people £50
  • 3 people £60
  • 4 people £70.00
  • 5 people £75.00
  • 6 people £80.00

Simon Adderley, CEO of Tension Group told CityX: “At the moment the game is set in the city centre and historic uphill Lincoln.

“We have a beautiful historic city and I have wanted to create a really exciting and immersive outdoor game for a long time.

“Now technology has provided us with the ability to bring it all together and anyone that has experienced Tension Escape rooms will know that the customer experience is really important to us.

Simon Adderley, founder of Tension Group. Photo: Steve Smailes for CityX

“We have nearly 300 5-star reviews and we didn’t want to launch our outdoor games until they would really impress and these missions truly do.

“We have other cities we are also working with at the moment and I have also written a book-based mission called “Tennysons Legacy”, which we will launch next year.

“Tension prides itself in being the leader in its field, we were the first indoor escape rooms in the Midlands, we were the first VR experience in Europe, we were the first to develop VR for schools, and now we are the first to create a digital outdoor augmented reality escape mission.

“We are proud of what we do.”

Tension Exit Games is also giving a lucky few the chance to be the first to experience the new games. For a chance to enter the draw, simply message the team via their Facebook page.