Exclusive interview: Former Lincoln MP Karl McCartney re-adopted by the Conservatives

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Former Lincoln MP Karl McCartney has been re-adopted as the Conservatives’ Parliamentary Candidate for the next general election.

McCartney was chosen as Member of Parliament for Lincoln in 2010, where he remained for seven years after winning a second general election in 2015.

In 2017, McCartney lost his seat in parliament, after the Conservative party lost out to Labour candidate Karen Lee by 1,538 votes.

CityX spoke to Karl about being re-adopted:

What made you want to stand again?

I was first selected to fight the Parliamentary Constituency of Lincoln in 2005 and my heart is in Lincoln. It is a great City, that needs to maintain and improve its position as such on what is now a global stage – we can’t be complacent and focus on just maintaining our place as the the capital of our County or a ‘player’ in the East Midlands, we have to ensure we are an attractive place to live, work study or visit to people and business owners and investors potentially across the world.

Lincoln has seen many positive changes changes since 2010 when I first served as the Member of Parliament for seven years and made it my priority to ‘Put Lincoln First’ – many new and re-instated and improved infrastructure projects are testament to that. I would of course like the opportunity to be able to do that again – bang the drum for Lincoln and ensure that the City’s Member of Parliament is promoting the City and all it has to offer, at any opportunity.

What, if anything, would you do differently in the next campaign for election?

I have always run positive election campaigns and am always happy to be judged on what I have said I would do and what I have delivered along with my Conservative colleagues locally in the City and County and nationally. That is why nearly 45% of the voters in Lincoln voted for me and the Conservative Party in Lincoln, nearly 22,000, but not quite enough to win against a Labour party that managed to increase their vote by a phenomenal 1/3 in two years.

Some Wards saw amazing increases in turnout figures and we have learnt lessons from that. I would be alive much more perhaps to the misinformation that can swirl about a General Election Campaign, and the unwillingness to play by the rules that epitomises the current Labour and Momentum Election handbook.

I’ve always said that politics of course is an important and serious subject, but if you can’t have fun then you should not be in politics. The last election unfortunately saw plenty of lies and personal nastiness from the Labour Party and some of their Councillors and supporters, and certainly the current Labour Member of Parliament cannot be accused of smiling too much and cracking lots of jokes. One interesting aspect of the upcoming local District and City elections is that in NKDC they are implementing voter identification at polling stations.

“It has not gone unnoticed that the Labour controlled City Council has decided not to implement this positive step to cut out voter fraud, but I do hope that the next General Election will have such a level playing field imposed across the Country”.

Where do you think you could improve on the job currently being done by Karen Lee MP?

How long have you got? The list is endless. I certainly wouldn’t spend my time wishing happy birthday on social media to communist, marxist or any other leftie dictators responsible for terrible crimes against their people and others who didn’t sign up to their cultist views.

Lincoln deserves better than that. Lincoln has some great opportunities for the future to build upon the positive things the City has to offer; Two universities, a thriving business sector and a plethora of organisations across the city and the hinterland of the constituency of Lincoln stretching across the County and East Midlands that we in our great historical City are, and can continue to be, the centre of.

“We have improving infrastructure and transport links and educational opportunities – but these need constant updating to ensure the City continues to thrive and offer opportunities to all that live, are born and raised here, work here and come to study and visit”.

In Westminster there is an art to ensuring you aren’t sucked in to the grandstanding and fake media circus that can be alluring to those who are susceptible to its charms. There are Select Committees and other opportunities to ensure that you can achieve improvements by influence for the Constituency you are lucky to represent – in my case I spent a long time securing the funding and go ahead for the Eastern Bypass, East-West link, other traffic bottle-neck improvements, dualling the A46, improving cross-country rail services and ensuring we had a quick intercity link to London and that the services would improve in frequency in time (it will!).

I also helped with funding for expansion of the University, BG attaining University status, brown tourist signs on the A1, a UTC, A Career Academy, the 2016 Magna Carta celebrations, gaining projects at the Castle and the Cathedral funding from the Government, English Heritage and the National Lottery, and £11m from the DfT for the new Bus Station in Lincoln. I think that gives more than an overwhelming flavour of what I have shown I can do, and have done, for Lincoln and what I could do in the future.

That compares very favourably against the ineffective and politically naivity that has been demonstrated by the current Labour MP in Lincoln over the last two years, as a fully signed up member of the Cult of Corbyn – but we have all clearly now seen he is no ‘Magic Grandpa’.

CityX also contacted Lincoln Labour MP Karen Lee regarding McCartney’s appointment, however, at the time of writing had not received a response.