Lincolnshire firm shortlisted for five national awards

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Road surfacing firm, Minster Surfacing has been shortlisted for five major national awards in recognition of its efforts to recycle and cut the carbon footprint of its work.

Minster Surfacing, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, is a finalist for three BusinessGreen Leaders Awards and for two National Recycling Awards.

Last year, the company won regional awards for its commitment to green technology and innovation.

Both of these national awards celebrate businesses and organisations that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Bruce Spencer-Knott

Minter Surfacing has earned a reputation for its commitment to using green technology and innovations to improve the way the company works and to reduce the impact that road surfacing has on the environment.

Minster is one of the first companies in the UK to be using technology which enables it to recycle the material that’s removed from old roads so it can be reused on-site to create new surfaces.

This technology also enables it to recycle road material containing coal-tar, which can cost councils up to £100 per tonne to safely send to landfill.

Currently, the company recycles around 50% of the material it handles and alongside this, the company uses high-tech vehicle-mounted laser scanning technology to quickly and accurately measure surfaces, creating computer aided designs and instructions for new surfaces to reduce waste and improve quality.

The company also uses GPS tracking and temperature monitoring to guarantee quality and reduce waste further.

Recently, the company has been using additional road material to create durable farm tracks, industrial yards and car parks that are 100% recycled and almost as high quality as new roads.

These green innovations have prevented hundreds of thousands of tonnes of material from being sent to landfill and they have significantly reduced the need more mineral aggregate to be quarried or oil to be extracted and transported to create new surfaces.