Petition to keep the Red Arrows in Lincolnshire reaches 10k

A petition to keep the Red Arrows in Lincolnshire has reached 10,000 signatures.

As previously reported, CityX will be part of an envoy of local businesses, organisations and politicians making their way to the House of Lords tomorrow (Tuesday, June 4) to put forth the strongest case possible on the value of retaining the Red Arrows within Lincolnshire.

The accompanying petition that has jointly been run by Visit Lincoln and The Lincolnite is now at 10,000 signatures, ensuring it will recieve a response from parliament.

You can still add your signature here to support the petition.

Red Arrows – Photo: Visit Lincoln

The importance of keeping the Red Arrows in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire has had strong links with the Royal Air Force since before its founding in 1918, and the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team has been synonymous with Lincolnshire for more than 30 years.

Lincolnshire’s aviation heritage attracts people from all over the world – this came to the fore in 2018 with the county’s RAF Lincolnshire tourism campaign which marked Lincolnshire’s long history to the RAF at 100.

Aviation in Lincolnshire, past and present, is an economic driver.

Lydia Rusling, Chief Executive at Visit Lincoln, said: “Being in the heart of Westminster is highlighting Lincolnshire and its connections to the Royal Air Force to the decision makers on the relocation of the Red Arrows. Throughout the event we will be talking to MOD officials and MPs about the many reasons why the Red Arrows should stay in Lincolnshire.

“We are committed to doing all we can to ensure our connection to the Royal Air Force, the county’s unique aviation heritage and Red Arrows team remains strong and appealing to visitors and residents.

“Keeping the Red Arrows in Lincolnshire is central to this.

“Whilst the decision to close RAF Scampton is out of our control, we continue to work with businesses and local organisations to ensure we have a compelling case for the successful relocation of the Red Arrows team to another base within Lincolnshire. And, we are encouraged to hear that RAF Waddington is a potential option for the relocation.”