Take a look at Lincolnshire’s newest Gin School and Tasting Room

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Bottomley Distillers, the company behind Lincolnshire’s Pin Gin, has officially launched its Gin School and Tasting Room at its headquarters in Louth.

Alongside its new shop, which launched in April, the new distillery on Bolingbroke Road in Louth, now offers a gin school experience and tasting room, as well as selling its Pin Gin and Premium Pink.

The Gin School

The gin school experience begins with a gin & tonic, before delving into the world of botanicals.

Visitors are able to pick the botanicals they will distill.

Once your gin is cooking in one of the distillery’s hand-crafted copper pot stills, visitors then have a tour of the distillery floor, top up their gin & tonics, and learn about the history of the business.

Once the hand-crafted gins are ready, they are then labels and the recipe is archived.

This experience takes place on Saturdays at Midday, and cost £145 per still (based on 2 people sharing).

The Tasting Room

The tasting room provides a based for a tailored private gin tasting experience.

Packages for this are tailored to individual requisitions.

For more information contact Bottomley Distillers.

Tour & Tasting

This experience includes two gin & tonics in the tasting room.

As well as this, visitors will receive samples of Bottomley Distillers range, and a tour of the distillery.

This experience takes place on Thursdays and Fridays at 3pm, and costs £25 per person.

Amy Conyard, Co-Owner of Bottomley Distillers told CityX: “When we were operating the distillery from home, we received constant requests from people who were wanting to come along and see the distillery, naturally this wasn’t possible at the time!

“It always seemed like a natural route that we would take with the business.

“It not only gives us a different platform to showcase our business and products, but a separate revenue stream which will be a big part of the future and longevity of our business.”

Alan Bottomley, Co-Owner added: “People are always fascinated with the process of spirit production and so the fact that we can teach people how to do this, all whilst having a G+T is great!

“There are a few spirit schools across the country, but certainly none that are close by, so we’re hoping that people will be excited to get involved!”