Lincoln Annual to close Grantham Street store… but it’s not the end

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Lincoln children’s retailer Annual is set to close its Grantham Street store later this month… but it’s not the end for the popular shop.

After opening the store three years ago, the lease on the store is coming to an end and owners Faye and Aron have made the decision to close.

However, the business will continue online and in a new showroom location on an appointment basis while the pair work to explore ‘new opportunities’.

The Grantham Street store will remain open until Saturday, July 27.

Owner of Annual, Faye

Faye, Aron and Little Nell posted on the business’s Facebook page: “I thought I’d pop on here and let you know of some exciting changes which are happening. We have had our little store for nearly three years now and as it is coming up to the end of our term we thought we would have a long hard think about where the store is heading. We came to the simple conclusion that our main priority is time.

“Personal time. Spending time with family, spending time learning new experiences together, spending time exploring new places together, spending time with friends, spending time on myself.

“Work time. Spending time in new cities sharing our store with new and long supporting customers, spending time curating events to create new experiences for everyone, spending time developing products and enjoying the process, spending time developing relationships with our existing, and new brands and designers, spending time on other projects and exploring new ventures.

“Notice I use the work spend a lot, but this isn’t in reference to money.

“Our store has opened so many doors for us over the past three years and I love what we have created for our city.

“The doors that it has opened for us means that we have chosen to close the doors of our store and explore these new opportunities.

“We want more freedom and flexibility to have weekends together as a family, to work together as a family and take our store to new cities without feeling guilty for closing our store to our local customers in order to grow the business.

“The beauty is that we are always open, 24/7, online.

“Working for yourself means it has to work for yourself. I am very lucky that I can change and evolve the business to suit our needs and direction. This keeps it fresh and exciting and I am very much looking forward to this next new chapter.

“We will be moving to a showroom space so you can come and visit on an appointment basis. I will share more information on where we will be and when we are opening very soon.

“Thank you to all of you who have visited our store over the past three years. We have met some amazing customers and introduced many locals to our wonderful brands and products. Held creative workshops, go like minded folk together and welcomed visiting customers to our sweet little city.

“See you soon.”