Metis Aerospace SKYPERION device to feature on BBC Horizon tonight

Local aerospace company Metis Aerospace will tonight feature on BBC Horizon, as the programme looks into drone use.

Entitled Britain’s next air disaster? Drones the programme will be aired on BBC Two on July 1 at 9.30pm.

In this documentary, high-risk specialist and former Royal Marine Aldo Kane will investigate the scale of the threat drones pose to our airports and skies – from rogue hobbyists to determined terrorist attacks.

He will explore what technologies are out there that governments and the aviation industry can turn to, to keep our skies safe.

As part of this, Lincoln-based firm Metis Aerospace will showcase its SKYPERION device.

Tony Burnell, CEO at Metis Aerospace told CityX: “We are a local company set up six years ago and we develop aerospace defence and security products.

“Some two years ago we developed one of our products to support drone detection for governmental and larger organisational requirements.

“We’ve been involved in providing those services for the last two years and in December last year we were called upon to help solve the London Gatwick drone crisis.

“The SKYPERION system, which will be featured in tonight’s episode of BBC Horizon, is part of a layered approach to drone detection and tracking and what is unique about is that it can detect the pilot and locate them.

“The programme the BBC are airing covers the careless, clueless and criminal minority drone users and it’s a great chance for us to publicly show our capability.

“And hopefully the programme will educate the minority who do wrongly use drone equipment.”