Third sector organisations to unite at The Showroom

YMCA Lincolnshire has been selected to host the next National Council for Voluntary Organisations’ (NCVO) Members’ Assembly, for which there is still time to register.

The assembly will be held at The Showroom on Tritton Road in Lincoln on Monday, July 29 and representatives from third sector Lincolnshire organisations are being encouraged to attend.

The meetings, which are usually held up to nine times a year, enable the NCVO to gather vital intelligence from the sector and understand the challenges that voluntary organisations face, which informs all its work.

They are also a great opportunity for NCVO members to network, share ideas about current issues and talk directly to NCVO staff about how it can support them.

David Fannin, Chief Executive of the Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service, said: “Hosting the NCVO Members’ Assembly is a rare chance to share our experience in Lincolnshire directly with our representatives at a national level.

“We’ll be discussing data, trends and insights on the sector and gathering evidence to understand the main challenges in Lincolnshire and the sort of support the sector needs to overcome them.

“Better still, you don’t need to be a NCVO member to attend so this is a great opportunity to hear from the grassroots.”

Caroline Killeavy, Chief Executive of YMCA Lincolnshire, added: “These assemblies always prove very valuable and we’re honoured to have been chosen to host the fifth one for 2019.

“We are hugely grateful to the NCVO for its support of local third sector organisations, helping to promote the fantastic work that they all do.”

During the assembly, attendees will have chance to:

  • Hear the latest on public policy and other current issues facing the sector, and how NCVO is working on these
  • Learn about the practical benefits of being an NCVO member and the resources available to them
  • Contribute ideas to NCVO work
  • Meet other NCVO members and network over a free lunch

Meetings are open to staff and trustees of all NVCO member organisations and non-member organisations in the local area are also welcome. Booking in advance is required via this link.