Victoria Covell: Please burn your vertical blinds

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I recently acquired my first studio space.

Somebody upon looking at the space remarked that it “seemed very homely… but aren’t you here to work?”.

This got me thinking about what workspaces should be, or rather what they could be.

Why do the spaces in which we work have to resemble the set of “The Office”?

Why can’t a workspace be homely? I’m not even sure that’s the correct adjective to describe the space, I think perhaps the question that the person was really asking was, what are the rules of decorating a work space?

Will an office that feels like home, make you feel too relaxed, or a bold colour palette distract you and affect your ability to produce work effectively?

The answer is, of course the design of a space affects how you feel and therefore how you work and what you produce whilst you are in it.

Therefore, why the hell would I want to sit in a bland magnolia box with a beige filing cabinet, and a set of those horrible vertical office blinds (you know the ones I mean)?

My job is to inspire and excite my clients with creative design, so therefore, it makes sense that the space I work in, energises and excites me, and has a little personality.

There is of course a danger that a space could become overpowering and distract you; and the challenge in this instance of course, was to create a studio space that feels exciting, but neutral enough to allow for all different coloured projects within its walls… hence this lovely rich clay colour, which I can confirm is the perfect canvas.

Before moving into my first studio at Sparkhouse Studios in Lincoln, I was one of the throng of freelancers who in this day and age, work from home, or cafes, or dip in and out of co-working spaces.

The concept of the workspace today, is a fluid one, we no longer have to be at our desks to wait for the memos to come around on the trolley…

So, isn’t it fitting then, that across the board, our concept of how a workspace should look should be fluid too? We spend hours every week in these spaces…

We should be creating spaces which inspire and energise, and sooth the soul. Every day I look forward to getting into my studio, it’s a space I love to be in. It helps me produce better work.

So please burn your vertical blinds, ditch your dull office furniture, and embrace a little colour, to create a richer backdrop to work life. Personality in the workspace can only enhance productivity.