Video tour around Primal Life: Lincoln’s newest gym

Lincoln businesses Tru Health and Varieteas have teamed up to relocate to a new premises – which also includes a new gym for the city. With this in mind, CityX took a video tour of the new location.

Following around £100,000 of investment, the three businesses have now moved into the new premises, with Primal Gym officially opening on August 1.

Both Tru Health and Varieteas previously occupied space within the Sparkhouse incubator on the university campus, however due to high demand, have out-grown the space.

With premises now on Dixon Close, in the former Dack Motor Group unit, Primal Life Gym is a strength and conditioning gym, which includes some of the best gym equipment on offer in the UK.

The gym sits alongside Tru Health, which is predominantly a wholesale supplement supplier, which specialises in cannabis oil products including oil tinctures, soft gels, teas and skincare products, and Varieteas, which is the UK’s leading tea subscription service.

James Rogers, Head of Business Development at Tru Health, previously told CityX: “The addition of Primal Life Gym was a long time in the planning but was never originally intended to be brought to market for another 24 months, however the performance of the businesses and certain key circumstances allowed us to upscale that timeline dramatically without damaging or hindering any of the other elements.

“It was more of a dream realised as opposed to anything else, however it comes a time when the other businesses needed that extra step and between all the elements it became clear that a joint contribution towards the upkeep and maintenance of a large commercial premises was much easier to manage with three revenue streams sharing the load.

“Primal Life Gym blends the high quality internal finish of a big budget gym with the raw, natural tone that brings a completely different aesthetic feel to the club, visitors can expect some of the most prominent and high calibre trainers in the area and they’ll have access to some of the best gym equipment on offer in the UK, no expense has been spared in the quality of the equipment.

Photo: Jacob White for CityX

“This is also the same for our dedicated martial arts academy, focusing on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Coach Sam Tweed brings a full compliment of BJJ training and classes ranging from kids sessions to private 1-2-1 coaching.

“We also have an internal shop providing supplements, tea and coffee and a range of drinks and snacks with a dedicated seating area for people to use at their leisure.”

Take a look at our video by Jacob White.