Agenda released for Directors Conference 2019

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Ahead of Directors Conference 2019, which will bring together business leaders from across every industry to discover what the future might hold for their business, the full agenda has now been released.

The Directors Conference, brought to you by CityX and Human Alchemy, will be hosted over two floors at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Lincoln from 8.30am to 3pm on Thursday, October 3.

Supported by the IoD and Visual Print and Design, this full day conference has been designed to bring together business leaders to be informed on a range of topics relevant to every business.

Last year, the conference looked at the disruption that was taking place across various industries in the here and now, giving Directors an overview on how to find opportunities for disruption in their company and how to fight against those who sought to disrupt the industry.

This year, the conference, entitled ‘What’s Next?’, will aim at looking into the future, with professional speakers revealing what they believe to be around the corner.

A limited number of tickets and corporate tables are now available and include –

  • Entry to the conference, which includes a line-up of experts, professionals and keynotes
  • Refreshments on arrival
  • Hot and cold refreshments
  • Snacks
  • A three-course lunch
  • Access to the post-conference drinks to socialise with like-minded individuals

Sponsorship and exhibition packages are also available and more details along with table bookings can be found on the Directors Conference website.

See the full agenda:

Keynote Speaker

Richard Askam, CEO of Woolly North

A marketing guru, Richard is the man behind the Coca-Cola ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. He is also a much sought after business speaker, panelist and interviewer and consistently wins the highest scoring feedback at the events he works at. Voted No 1 speaker at Hewlett-Packard’s Global conference in the USA recently – he is travelling more than ever and enjoying every minute, which is evident if you have ever seen his stage craft as a speaker. Engaging, witty and demonstrative – Richard is one of the best story tellers of his generation. We live in a world where businesses have to adapt to the conversation its customers wish to have – and understanding the lost art of conversation is key to this approach. Richard is a master of conversation used for business growth and comes highly recommended.

“The Changing Workplace”

Hazel Lowndes, Managing Director of Ginger Dog

Hazel is an energetic and highly commercial organisational development specialist who supports large to mid-tier leaders in delivering growth. She has 20 years’ experience in creating high performance organisational development strategies focusing on employee engagement, improving performance and making working life meaningfully better. In her talk at Directors Conference Hazel will discuss her knowledge and experience of organisational transformation and the growing awareness of mental health issues.

“Homeless to Managing Director”

Jason Kay, Managing Director of The Marketplace

At the age of 17 Jason was thrown out of his home by an abusive father and left homeless on the streets of Hull. He is now the Co-Founder of online sales firm The Marketplace. Since its launch in 2016, The Marketplace has gone from strength to strength, recently winning the award for Innovation in Property and Construction at the 2019 Lincolnshire Technology & Innovation Awards. Jason joins us at the Directors Conference to tell us his success story and how, despite everything, he saw a future for himself.

“Obama, Osama & Cultural Nirvana”

Paul Hughes, CEO of pH Interim

Paul is a multi-award winning, multi-lingual and multi-talented entrepreneur with several Masters Degrees at Distinction level. A former military intelligence specialist, United Nations Weapons Inspector and Interpreter, his global experience and knowledge is vast, underpinned by his commitment to being what he calls a ‘Disciple of Elite Performance’. As well as being the CEO of forensic consultancy pH Interim, Paul is the Director of Communications for Mark7 Productions Ltd, which includes ex UK Special Forces personnel who are routinely seen on the hit Channel 4 show SAS Who Dares Wins. In his talk at Directors Conference Paul will speak from his experience in the special forces, triggering unsuspecting emotions in the hardiest of the audience.

“Why You Will Soon Need to Do More About Your Culture”

Martin Lister, Owner of Humantelligence

Martin Lister is a partner for Europe and one of the owners of Humantelligence, the leading cloud based analytics platform that is pioneering new AI technology and applications to improve performance and cultures in many fields and applications. In his interactive session at Directors Conference Martin will define what culture is, in a way that means you can do something about it; show you how to measure culture; the marked differences in performance that come from varying cultures; and how you are personally influencing your culture as a leader.  He will also show how understanding your culture and the influences and drivers of it leads to higher predictability for your company performance.

“What’s Next on The Journey”

Peter Watson, Managing Director of Distract

Peter Watson is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Distract, an innovative and award-winning marketing agency based in Lincoln. Many entrepreneurs claim to be innovative and forward thinking, but few plough ahead as much as Distract. In a bold move in 2018, Peter took the unusual step of hiring a dedicated videographer to follow him throughout his working week to document his business journey. There are more than 100 episodes of the documentary ‘Inside The Journey’ available to watch on YouTube. In his talk at Directors Conference Peter will share his knowledge on the latest emerging marketing trends and the opportunities these pose for our local business leaders.

“Staying Ahead of The Curve”

John Polling, Chief Technology Officer at Sauce

John is Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Sauce, a multi award winning development company, who are based in C4Di in Hull. John has grown the tech firm in to a team of 30 developers with a £1m turnover in just 3 years. The Sauce team that he heads up specialise in developing cutting-edge IoT solutions, mobile applications and bespoke business software. John himself has been developing applications for a whole range of clients for 18 years. In his talk at Directors Conference John will take a look at where his industry is heading with the rapid advances of technology and what this might mean for firms and businesses.

“What’s Next Depends on What You Know”

Kelly Hunstone, CEO of Social Change UK

Social Change UK is an award winning change agency dedicated to taking on society’s biggest issues such as obesity, climate change, knife crime and child sexual exploitation. Kelly works with UK government, businesses and brands to design solutions and deliver campaigns and programmes that focus on positively changing people’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. In her talk at Directors Conference Kelly looks at the opportunities and threats coming our way and how our flawed view of the world will affect your business.

“The Changing Face of Lincoln”

Kate Ellis

Kate Ellis, Director of Major Developments at City of Lincoln Council

Kate Ellis is the Director of Major Developments at City Of Lincoln Council with main responsibility for delivering capital regeneration projects including the £30m Transport Hub, £9m Innovation Centre, £5m Creative Industries workspace and £2.5m of Public Realm improvements. Kate is also responsible for the delivery of a 3200 new homes community on the Western Growth Corridor and the council’s new housing programme. In her introduction to the 2019 Directors Conference Kate will give us an insight in to the changing face of Lincoln and what developments we can expect in the near and distant futures.