Landmark Lincoln chimney to lose top six metres after being deemed ‘unrepairable’

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A landmark chimney in Lincoln, which was decommissioned last year, will lose six metres from its height due to being ‘unrepairable’.

Fenner Precision Polymers retired the landmark chimney at its Lincoln site after more than 100 years in September 2018.

The firm, which manufacturers a diverse range of silicone and rubber products for engineering customers worldwide through its brands James Dawson and Fenner Precision, called time on the famous 105-year-old smoke stack, replacing its ageing coal-fired boiler with an energy-efficient gas alternative.

At the time of decommission, Paul Edwards, managing director of James Dawson, said:

“Our chimney has become a local landmark that’s served our company well over the years.

Now decommissioned, it will be preserved as a tribute to the city’s industrial heritage.”

However, one year on, part of historic chimney has to be removed due to the top six metres being ‘unrepairable’.

Photo: Eleasha Reay for CityX

A spokesperson for the company told CityX: “We are removing the top six metres, however a significant amount of money has been spent on preserving the remaining part of the chimney.”

The company went on to say that due to the historical brickwork, the top six metres were ‘unrepairable’ and could therefore not be saved – however the remaining part of the chimney would remain as a tribute to the city’s industrial heritage.