#TechTuesdays: MRI Software

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#TechTuesdays highlights Lincolnshire’s innovative firms both using and creating pieces of tech to help with everyday business.

This week CityX spoke to MRI Software, which has offices in Sleaford.

Photo: Jacob White for CityX

MRI Software is an enterprise-scale global organisation that specifically operates in the real estate software industry.

In the UK, across the East Midlands and East Anglia, MRI Software employs 350 people, including at its Sleaford location.

Photo: Jacob White for CityX

The Sleaford offices include the second biggest number of employees for the company in the UK.

MRI Software seals will all sectors of the property industry from the institutional investors to block managers who are running small portfolios and real estate agents.

To find out more about MRI Software, watch our video.