CityX tries: Axe-throwing at Lincoln’s new Axed venue

With Lincoln’s first urban axe-throwing club set to open October 18, CityX’s intern Eleasha Reay took the opportunity to go and try it out for herself.

Axed Lincoln, which describes the activity as ‘like darts, but fun’, will be the city’s first premium axe throwing club and will be based at Vulcan Park on George Street.

Thinking of going? Take a look at Eleasha’s experience:

On arrival, I was greeted by Ben Whitehand, co-founder of Axed Lincoln, and shown to the axe-throwing area which was structured with separate lanes.

Eleasha Reay. Photo: CityX

Admittedly, I know that hand-eye coordination is, unfortunately, not in my skill set and I’ve never been a particularly sporty person.

I’ll also admit, however, that I didn’t think axe-throwing would be an ‘easier said than done’ activity, which was certainly the case for me.

If like myself, you’re not blessed with athletic abilities but you’re looking to have fun and challenge yourself, this is definitely worth a try.

To begin, I was shown a demonstration by Ben, on how to position myself in order to get a good throw on the axe, I was told to keep my arms locked and my throw forceful to allow for the perfect landing on the target board.

My initial efforts saw me showcase many failed, also hilarious, attempts, with an array of axes hitting the board miserably and falling to the floor.

Through a lot of trial and error, however, I quickly overcame the initial struggle, and I managed to get to grips with the throwing. Eventually, I was able to land the axes!

It’s definitely something I’d bring friends along to as there are games to play against opponents, which, as a competitive person, I’d thoroughly enjoy.

Ben mentioned he also hopes to set up tournaments as his customer base gets larger.

In regards to pricing, for an hour and a half off-peak is £20, and on-peak is £25 per person; bookings can be made via the website.

Take a look at our video by Sarah Barker to find out more.