Paula Newman: What IT infrastructure local businesses have to think about to compete across the UK

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For businesses based in and operating across Lincolnshire, you will no doubt come across a number of challenges while you try to establish your brand further afield and bring in loyal customers from across the UK – administration shouldn’t be one of them.

With a robust IT infrastructure in place, you can reduce the days spent on mundane processes to mere minutes, allowing you to focus on growing your business across the country.

Here, Paula Newman, Head of Sales – Distribution, Europe at ECI discusses exactly what to look out for when choosing your internal systems.

Reduce and boost

Every business is different, and as such the look and functionality of your infrastructure will depend on the industry you work in and what you sell. Ideally, the system will tick three key boxes – reliability, flexibility and security. The system needs to be scalable beyond the county boundaries, growing with your business, allowing you to input more information and documents on employees, customers, and products – whatever their postcode.

With a robust infrastructure, input can be quick and painless, allowing you to dedicate more time on customer care, improving your products and services and making a name for yourself in the wider market.

Storage and security

From technical faults to human error, there are dozens of ways for you to lose valuable documents when they are just saved on the computer. Saving to cloud-based software provides you with a virtual security blanket and also frees up space on your servers, helping your IT systems run faster and allowing you to burn through all the menial tasks.

Saving to the cloud also allows you to access your documents on any device, anywhere. This means if a laptop or computer was to suddenly stop working, or your business relies on remote working wherever you are in the UK, you can continue your tasks on a different machine with little-to-no downtime.

All in one place

If you want to get out of the back-office and spend more time on the floor or on the road, it is important to integrate all of your internal systems for greater efficiency. One centralised system can streamline your business, reducing the need to duplicate data input on multiple platforms. With efficient business processes, a significant investment of time and money can be put into resources that will vastly improve your brand.

Overall, a robust infrastructure will help prove yourself as a worthy competitor in your industry by reducing back-office hours and allowing you to focus on nurturing your current and potential customers – across Lincolnshire and beyond

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