Plans for new 50 hectare Lincolnshire solar farm approved

Councillors have given the go-ahead for developers to build a new solar park in Sleaford.

The development will sit on 50.3 hectares of open countryside on land to the north of White Cross Lane, Burton Gorse.

North Kesteven District Council’s planning committee approved the plans.

The development was put forward by NextPower SPV 5 Limited and will include the construction and operation of solar photovoltaic arrays and associated infrastructure.

The purpose of the development is to harness solar power to generate electricity.

The 45.2ha solar farm should create 32MWp of energy and will be operational for around 40 years before it’s decommissioned.

It is believed a farm of this size will generate sufficient energy to power approximately 9,950 homes annually.

A spokesperson said in the application: “This will make a valuable contribution to meeting the UK’s and international climate change targets.

“The site is located in open countryside, across six fields approximately 500 metres to the north of White Cross Lane.

“The site is 50.3 hectares in size, and the solar farm’s footprint is 45.2 hectares.

“Whilst the proposed operational lifespan of 40 years is longer than the 30 year operational lifespan put forward for the EIA Screening Opinion, they remain the same in nature and will also remain temporary.”