HarvestEye Ltd partners with Grimme UK to provide crop information at the time of harvest

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Lincoln-based Agri-tech company HarvestEye Ltd has announced an exclusive partnership with root crop machinery specialists Grimme UK to deliver HarvestEyeTM technology to the potato industry.

HarvestEyeTM is a UK patented technology that provides insight on size, count and crop variation on unwashed potatoes as they are harvested.

The integrated data analytics shows precisely what is being lifted and from where in the field. Providing greater field level information than conventional sampling: this insight will help maximise marketable yield and reduce crop imbalance.

As a commercial product HarvestEyeTM will be manufactured and supported by HarvestEye Ltd. The exclusive partnership arrangement enables Grimme to be the sole UK distributor for HarvestEyeTM for both new and existing harvesters and farm graders.

Speaking from British Potato 2019 Managing Director Vidyanath (Vee) Gururajan said: “We are delighted to be working with such a long-standing and innovative brand as GRIMME to deliver our HarvestEyeTM technology. We envision that potatoes are only the initial application for this technology and hope to develop across other crops and categories.

“We are excited to provide this technology/insight for the potato supply chain and we are encouraged with the potential for other root crops.”

Patrick Graf Grote, Managing Director at Grimme UK added: “Innovation is what drives our industry and our company.

“We believe HarvestEyeTM will offer UK growers and packers a significant advantage by providing advanced, real time insights as the crop is harvested.

“Not to mention the longer-term agronomic value of the detailed data produced by the system. The fact that it can be retrofitted to new and used harvesters and graders makes HarvestEyeTM the ideal product to complement our innovative machinery.”