LincolnX Featured: LMAP – Experts in mortgages, investment and later-life lending

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LincolnX Featured takes a look at our LincolnX members each week, profiling their firm and highlighting key developments within their business.

This week’s LincolnX Featured Member is LMAP, experts in mortgages, investment and later-life lending based in Lincoln.

LMAP (pronounced El-Map) was first established in 2016 by company directors Kathryn Atkin and Daniel Scullion in order to provide a fresh approach to the existing broker market.

After building expertise in Banks/Building Societies and Estate Agents, they combined their knowledge and founded LMAP to offer a modern and holistic service that did not seem to be available elsewhere.

LMAP offers a wide range of services over and above simply providing mortgage advice.

Kat, Co-Director said: “LMAP stands for Lincoln Mortgages and Protection. It also stands for Let’s Make a Plan, which is exactly what we do. We have expanded our divisions into Mortgages and Equity Release, Protection through Insurances, and Wills and Planning.

“We have a team of qualified and knowledgeable advisers so there is always someone here to help. Our clients remain unhampered by disruptions such as holidays – something often experienced with smaller firms.

“As an LMAP client, you don’t have to take time out of your busy work schedule to arrange your finances because we will see you in your home or at our office, over the phone or even via video-call, and at hours to suit. We keep in touch throughout the process, and the entire term of the mortgage in order to make sure that no one pays more than they should where their finances are related to their home.

“To sum up, we would describe LMAP as a warm and friendly team who take a holistic approach to a person’s finances. We take absolute pride in providing the best service to each and every one of our clients.”

LMAP has recently relocated and opened its new office in Lincoln House.

The new address is: LMAP – Lincoln Mortgages and Protection, Lincoln House, Newland, Lincoln, LN1 1XP.

Kat added: “We are tremendously excited to begin our new chapter here in our upgraded and modern facility, central to many of our clients.

“Please feel free to drop by and say hello!”

LMAP plan to establish its high street presence in the future, helping the people of Lincoln and further afield plan and implement the best financial decisions for them.

Finally, Kat said: “In addition, we look to continue to modernise the way we work.

“We will continue to push to be as paperless as possible.

“Look to speed up the traditional mortgage process by using technology to make everyone’s life easier, including now offering meetings with people digitally as well as face to face and over the phone offering advice in a way to suit.”