Year in Review: Ian Smith – Car sales drifting from a ‘Brick to Click’ market!

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2019 has seen a lot of change and uncertainty in the automotive market, especially car sales.

We have seen the sale of new cars drop and the used car market having to re-invent itself in some way or another. This has led to the emergence of some really exciting eCommerce innovations and I’m really buzzed by the growing focus towards online car buying and increased direct to consumer sales which is bypassing the traditional dealership model.

In the last few months we have seen some heavy weight online car buying platforms enter the market such as Cazoo, which raised £80m in funding and also the news that eBay is getting stuck into the market with the launch of eBay Motors. The car market is on the verge of change and I don’t think it will be long until all dealerships will be looking to move their sales focus from ‘bricks to clicks’.

That said I do appreciate some car buyers still prefer to visit their local dealership and give the tyres a good kick, especially as the average car buyer is now spending up to 14 hours online researching and choosing their possible next car. With car manufacturers raising their standards year on year and sellers becoming more focused on price matching across the market, it has become a minefield for car buyers.

Compared to industries where consumers have been enjoying a seamless end-to-end eCommerce experience for almost two decades, the motor industry is just getting started. Being at the forefront of this shift, the team here at Motor Delivery have positioned our first of a kind cloud delivery solution as an option for these early adopters to automate the management of their deliveries whilst giving their customers the ability to choose a delivery date at the point of purchase.

As 2020 progresses consumers will be able to go on a brand’s website; browse its UK wide range of stock, arrange their finance, choose their delivery date and make a direct purchase there and then without having to speak to anyone or go to another website. Just like buying a pair of shoes online or a new sofa.

Our mission in all of this is to revolutionise the logistics for our market. We want to empower dealers to offer more, giving them the chance to sell their cars to the entire UK market without the worry of how it’s going to get there.

I want Motor Delivery to become a significant part and influencer in this shift, a driver (pardon the pun!) behind this end to end eCommerce experience for our market. It would be a proud feat for us if our cloud based technology helped generate more transactions than first anticipated and in turn, develop a stronger economy all around.

We might be camouflaged into the car dealer’s website, you won’t even know it’s us controlling someone’s shipping page, but ultimately we are there to help make a purchase happen and to make that out of reach car reachable and delivered to your door.

After all, like shoes, when you see a car your love you just have to have it, right?