Year in Review: Richard Hill – Welcoming in a New Digital Decade

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Reflecting on previous months and the year as a whole is something that as a business owner is an excellent thing to do and something I must admit I don’t do enough.

We always tend to be so focused on pushing forward and not looking back, but reflecting can make you really stop, evaluate and adjust the direction of the “ship” slightly if needed, and more importantly, can help to calm the mind when focussing on the “wins” rather than what more we can always be doing!

We celebrated our tenth year at SEO Traffic Lab which, when I say it out loud makes me realise just how much we have accomplished.

But also fires me up in that I genuinely feel we have only just started on the journey and there is so much more myself and the team has planned and want to achieve.

We spent a long time looking for new offices over the past year and last month we officially moved the whole business to the new Mosaic Digital Hub on Silver Street in central Lincoln. Where we officially launched our new event calendar last month and have a full list of digital marketing specific events planned for 2020 both at the Mosaic and around the UK. Kicking off in January with full SEO, Google Ads & Facebook Ad training days at the Mosaic.

One of the biggest changes for us this year was to simplify our “offer” and to consolidate what we do.

Within digital marketing, there are so many strands and we decided to reevaluate and focus further on where our clients are getting the best results. We now purely focus on SEO & PPC as our lead services and refer clients to partner agencies on other areas like design and web development.

Something that has had a huge impact on our recent client wins and results. Giving both our prospective clients and team further clarity in what we do and how we deliver it. We are now managing budgets of over £1 million a year for single clients on the paid Ads side and manage SEO campaigns for single clients with over 200 locations and household brand names in ultra-competitive niches.

We celebrated the first anniversary of eComOne our sister eCommerce marketing agency, again focusing on Paid Ads and SEO, purely for eCommerce stores. The team has worked tirelessly to develop a specific framework using automation that can deliver 1000’s of Ad changes in a single account.

When many eCommerce stores have 10,000+ products, with a combination of our own technology and an internal framework we can perform 1000’s of changes in an account on a monthly basis, which simply can’t be completed manually. Allowing our teams time to spend on more strategic work and really understand our client’s markets, competitors and product sets.

In 2020 our focus will be to build out our teams in SEO, Google Ads & Facebook Ads and focus on the existing teams development, making the company a great place to work, work with and we will continue to invest in our technology and automation suite.

On a final note, I would say you have to really enjoy what you do! Some days can be amazing, other days can be very challenging…tomorrow is a new day.. Have a great 2020!