Year in Review: Soper of Lincoln – A year full of successes

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What a success this year has been for Soper of Lincoln. Looking back over what we’ve achieved this year makes us very proud to be a part of Soper. As it has been well publicised it has been a very uncertain time for everyone which has made 2019 a very difficult year. However, we have managed to pull through these difficult times to make 2019 a year full of successes for Soper of Lincoln.

A lot of hard work went into the transformation of the MINI showroom. 18 months of building and construction making room for 17 more MINI’s, revamped the showroom into an exciting hub for the launch of the MINI electric and introduction of MINI pay monthly service packs. The MINI Electric holds a 144 mile range which proved a sort after factor at the event held on Saturday. Thanks to the local construction company Johnson & Smith we now have a showroom that is the only one of its kind in the UK.

The launch of the MINI Showroom was one to be remembered with an amazing turnout from not only customers but local businesses showing their support and helping to make it the success that we’d hoped. A huge investment into the showroom has not only created a fantastic environment for the customers but one for those working at MINI also. With thanks to sales we also need to recognise the amazing effort from service and customer support creating a MINI hub filled with a hard working team nurturing the customer throughout any purchase. A massive push on MINI pay monthly service packs means that we’re heading close to yet another target. MINI has been something to be incredibly proud of.

Not only has it been a successful year for MINI but for BMW as well during the ongoing Brexit struggle we’d like to thank our loyal customers and new customers for supporting us throughout a tough year. In a tough climate we have managed to reach our new car targets for 2019 which can only be down to the hard work and resilience from all the staff throughout the year.

This year we have seen the arrival of many new BMW’s we have added to the ever growing BMW range but we have to say we were extremely excited to see the arrival of the new 1 Series. The 1 Series being one of the staple models of the range and the newly re-vamped 1 Series has been a great addition to the BMW range.

Looking towards next year we are very excited to see the release of even more new models to the range. With the 2 Series Gran Coupe, M2 Coupe, X5 M Competition, X6 M Competition & the M8 Gran Coupe Competition. With also 7 new plug-in hybrid models that will add to our electric range.

BMW are working on their electric range as ‘The Green’ movement is very prominent at the moment. Soper of Lincoln identified that they could make a lot of changes that allow us to not only make some savings for the company but also allow us to be a lot kinder to the environment.

Improving our mark within the community and the environment was one of the many developments we hoped to make as a retailer and we’ve done just that. Our new wash bay now recycles 700,000 litres of water. MD Andrew Tullie has recently decided to get into partnership with arena group, introducing the new software called M-Store. Collaborating with a paperless company means we as a retailer will reduce our paper use by an estimated 95%. We had previously used 670 trees worth of paper each year. It’s been a huge improvement within the company from those who work in accounts right through to the sales department. “It’s changed the dynamic in the sales process to be more proactive and thorough than before. We can be better, smarter and make the job more interesting”.

Not only making environmental changes to the business we also looked what we can do locally that could really get Soper of Lincoln engaged within the community.
We have been heavily involved with Lincoln City Football Club for a number of years now and this has continued throughout 2019. 2019 has really seen Lincoln City FC make real use of the Soper of Lincoln Elite Performance Centre which is the new training ground sponsored by us. It is great to see the benefits this has given to Lincoln City and we are very proud to be involved with this.

Soper of Lincoln were also involved with the supply of a new BMW X5 to the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance. This vehicle is now used as their first response vehicle. We are very honoured to be able it help in anyway possible, as it is a charity that has not only helped members of our team but helps members of the local community every day.
The Business Expo 2019 was also a highlight for us this year, this is always an extremely successful event that allows us to communicate with local businesses and an event where we always pick up new business. The event has allowed us to pick up 3 new key accounts which we wouldn’t usually have picked up without these type of events.
We hope that next year brings us even more success than 2019 with a hope of a stabilisation of the economy and with all of the new models we have launching next year. We hope with even more expansion plans we continue to grow and succeed as one of the top dealers in Lincolnshire.