LincolnX Featured: SEO Traffic Lab – Offering a full host of digital marketing services in the county

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LincolnX Featured takes a look at our LincolnX members, profiling their firm and highlighting key developments within their business.

This week’s LincolnX Featured Member is SEO Traffic Lab, a Lincoln-based company which offers a full host of digital marketing services from content marketing and technical SEO through to social media management and everything pay per click.

Based at Mosaic, SEO Traffic Lab has a team of experts working across every major online digital strand, with a particular emphasis on Web Development, SEO and PPC.

Photo: Steve Smailes for CityX

The company is passionate about these channels and it allows the team to get slightly geeky when it comes to growing their knowledge.

Richard Hill, CEO of SEO Traffic Lab said: “For 2020 we are very excited about some of the clients we will be working with over the coming year in Lincolnshire.

“We are also very excited about a lot of the new team that are starting with us shortly!”

Want to find out more? Take a look at the video above or visit the website.