Local brewery set to support Lincolnshire charities throughout 2020

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A local brewery has launch a new campaign to support 20 Lincolnshire charities throughout 2020.

From March to December, Ferry Ales Brewery will be giving 20 local charities a case of local beer for them to use as they wish.

Each charity will receive a case of 12 beers, which they can then use as a prize, raffle off, see or share.

John Cussons of Ferry Ales Brewery said: “We are passionate about supporting our local Lincolnshire charities so for 2020 we are going to be giving two local charities per month from March to December a case of 12 of our award-winning beers.

“Charities can do whatever they like with the beer for example, use it as prizes, raffle it off, sell it or simply share it.

“Charities should email FAB at [email protected] and we will pick two charities a month for the ten months from March to December.

“You should tell us what your charity is and what you do, what you would like to use the giveaway for and if it is for a specific event, when that event is.

“We are expecting a pretty big response to this offer so get your “applications” in early. We will attempt to let everyone know the outcome as soon as possible.”

If you are a charity and you are interested in receiving a case email [email protected].