Don’t just own the room…own the zoom!

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Anyone in business won’t have been able to escape the almost overnight need to be able to communicate with remote team members, employees or clients.

Zoom and other video conferencing software was suddenly thrust to the top of the IT manager’s list to implement for the business as a critical way of ensuring business could continue.  But for many the biggest obstacle to overcome wasn’t the tech, it was the anxiety of speaking to a camera.

We spoke to the experienced speaker coaching team that have delivered the highly successful TEDx events in Lincoln for the last 3 years, Andy Farenden, Katy Taylor & Richard Askam on their idea to take public speaking coaching online to help businesses flourish in front of the webcam.

Richard Askam

Richard said, “Who knew that the fear of public speaking was going to be surpassed by a brand new fear. A fear that up until about a month ago, not many people had even considered.

“Businesses all over the world had not recognised the need to improve their employees skills for and then suddenly, almost at the same time – everyone had the same issue to overcome…..

“How do I look good and more importantly, sound good on a video conference call?”

“Now this might not be an issue if you are singing along silently as part of Gareth Malone’s online choir or perhaps taking part in your family’s weekly quiz night during these long lockdown days….BUT I can guarantee you will notice when it comes to business meetings with colleagues and more importantly, with clients or potential employers.

“The 1st impression is still the most important impression, even when on a video call.”

“But fear not, the solution is at hand! Lincoln business 3Di have taken their legendary public speaker coaching courses online and instead of helping you to Own the Room….now they can help you to Own the Zoom as well!”

If you’d like to take part in one of the online workshops you can get your tickets online at