Q&A – Your Covid-19 related contractual questions answered.

The second in a series of Q&A vlogs from the experts at Sills & Betteridge solicitors.  This week, your Covid-19 related contractual questions put to Commercial Partner, Euan McLaughlin.

One of our suppliers has written to us claiming “force majeure” – what does the phrase “force majeure” mean?

Does Covid-19 count as a “force majeure”?

What happens if Covid-19 does count as a “force majeure”?

What happens if you can still perform your obligations, but you’d just prefer not to?

What if the contract has no force majeure clause, or Covid-19 doesn’t fit within the force majeure clause in the contract – are there any other clauses that may be relevant?

What if there isn’t a written contract in place?

Can a trader keep hold of deposits where they can’t supply goods or services because of Covid-19?

If a trader uses a number of suppliers or contractors who are sole traders, and the trader wants to look after them, can that trader use the government furlough scheme to keep paying them whilst they are unable to work?

Will business continuity insurance protect a trader from the costs of restricting or closing their business because of Covid-19?

What measures should people be taking now to safeguard their businesses?

If you have any further questions you can email Euan McLaughlin directly on [email protected]

Next week’s Q&A will be James Conduit who will be answering your questions about the duties and potential liabilities of directors of limited companies – what do directors need to know to avoid or reduce financial risks to them personally.  If you have a question you want answered simply email Jennifer Lowe – [email protected]