Top tips for the perfect lawn

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With so many of us making the most of our gardens during lockdown, we asked the owners of GreenThumb Lincoln for some tips on how to achieve the picture perfect lawn.

Ben and Victoria Watson run the Lincoln franchise of GreenThumb looking after over 3,000 customers in an area that ranges from Torksey to South Kyme, Wickenby to Brant Broughton, Doddington to Kirkby Bain and all the areas in between (LN1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 10).

GreenThumb lawn makeover

GreenThumb Lincoln utilise 30 years of combined experience to provide lawn treatments that help you get the most out of your lawn. Ben Watson gave us these top tips to help bring your lawn up to scratch so it can become the next Wimbledon, Wembley or just an escape from the confines of lockdown –

> Start mowing the lawn regularly on a high setting (40- 50mm). 90% of a grass plant’s moisture is in the leaf and by keeping it long, it will be a healthier plant.

> Mow little and often allowing the lawn to thicken up and retain moisture. Never cut off more than a third in one go. 

> Always make sure that you mower blades are sharp as this cuts the plant rather than tearing it. 

> Remove all leaves, twigs and winter debris to maximise the amount of air, light and moisture getting to the lawn.

> Cut back vegetation from overhanging trees and shrubs to allow as much light as possible to the lawn. 

> Now is the time to do any re-seeding of any patches. Rake any affected areas to create a tilth and put down a mixture of topsoil and grass-seed. Seed will only germinate when in contact with the soil and needs regular watering so that it is damp to the touch. Too little and the seed will dry out and too much water will drown it. Again, little and often is the key.

> Treat the lawn with a spring fertiliser or use an all-in-one product to control any weeds in the lawn. Alternatively, try a bespoke lawn treatment company such as GreenThumb to carry out regular treatments on the lawn.

> In dry conditions, water regularly in the evenings (a couple of times a week). This will maintain the moisture in the plant and give it a chance if there are any prolonged dry spells later in the summer.

Of course if you wanted some help in achieving a lawn that deserves its own instagram account then you can always go to GreenThumb for some assistance.  Ben says “As a company we strive for excellence in everything that we do and our customers needs will always come first.”

We look at our customers as partners in caring for the grass and like to think that we take the stress out of achieving a beautiful lawn and help to give them the lawn they want without the hassle of getting there.”

GreenThumb have a number of precautions in place during the coronavirus pandemic and details of their no contact services can be found here.  If you would like a free lawn analysis you can call the Lincoln team on 01522 797000 or email [email protected]