Will community focused businesses be the future?

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Chair and CEO of Gusto Group Ltd, Steff Wright believes that in the wake of Covid-19 and particularly the period of lockdown we find ourselves in, business owners need to think fast on how to adapt and stay sustainable.

Many business owners find themselves in a situation they not only hadn’t planned for, but wouldn’t even have been able to dream of a matter of months ago.  The government imposing restricted movement, demanding closure of leisure and retail and the only lifeline a series of loans from high street banks with a very limited appetite to lend.  For the majority, a nightmare situation of monumental proportions.

But Steff Wright suggests that positive outcomes can be found for some businesses and entrepreneurs by adapting to the current environment rather than trying to just wait it all out; or alternatively using their acumen  –

“If we are going to get through this pandemic by maintaining a prolonged period of behaviour change, then we need to see a wave of new community focused businesses across all aspects of our daily life.

“Large sections of global activity and business have effectively paused allowing for a much-needed sense check. Business leaders need to match the political leadership Boris is demonstrating, by refocusing their business leadership skills to create new models of business, which will support communities during these strange times.

“We need to play our part in building a new, more sustainable ecosystem.”

“The threat of COVID-19 will take a long time to fade and during that time there will be many new habits formed such as home working, online education, home exercise, revived local communities and less unnecessary travel.

“People will be living simpler and potentially happier lifestyles, and these will require new services to enable them to be maintained.”

“I would encourage business leaders to get busy making this happen over the coming weeks if, like me, they experience a pause from the day to day pressures of running their organisations.”

Steff also believes that by sharing ideas, advice and skills local business communities can prosper and improve hyper-local economies.  Steff is currently assisting a local garden nursery who were forced to close the doors but now have an opportunity to re-focus on a local delivery model whilst ensuring all social distancing measures are maintained.

Have you considered a new community focused business?  Have you had an entrepreneurial idea to help your local area?  You can use the hashtag #communitybusinesses to join the conversation.