Video Q&A with Malachy McGill – tenants and landlords

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This week for our legal Q&A with law firm Sills & Betteridge, your questions are answered by Commercial Partner at the Lincoln office, Malachy McGill.

0:49 – We’ve heard about the issues with residential conveyancing and the difficulties with people trying to move home. Are commercial sales/purchases affected in the same way or are these able to proceed in the current climate?

2:41 – If I am a tenant under a commercial lease, can I get out of the lease/terminate as a result of Covid?

4:51 – Can I suspend my rent payments as a result of Covid?

6:21 – We’ve been hearing about measures which have been brought in by the government with respect to commercial leases in response to Covid problems. Broadly, what are those provisions and what effect do they have?

9:24 – Are there any other options open to a landlord at present to try to recover outstanding rent?

11.21 – Anything else? Is there any more general advise for tenants\landlords in light of the difficulties faced with the current situation?