Five minutes with… John Knight, Senior Director of Ringrose Law

    CityX took five minutes to speak to John Knight, Senior Director of Ringrose Law, to find out more about the business and its plans for the future.

    Tell us about the business, what is it you do?

    Ringrose Law is a multi-disciplinary law firm, helping people who need advice on: – Commercial Property; Conveyancing; Criminal Law; Dispute Resolution; Employment; Family/Children Law; Mediation; Medical Negligence; Mental Health; Personal Injury and Wills & Probate. We have six offices across Lincolnshire and Newark and provide a range of services to both individual and business clients. Our ethos is ‘where individuals count’ and we try to adopt that ethos into our everyday working practices for our clients and our staff.

    When was the business formed and how has that changed over the years?

    The business is over 100 years old, the firm originated in Boston and after a series of mergers and acquisitions over the years has been a household name across Lincolnshire for many years. The firm has grown to six offices and over 140 staff. The firm boasts LEXCEL accreditation (a standard of excellence for legal firms) for the fourteenth year, the highest record in the County. This demonstrates our efforts in our everyday practices to meet high standards and deliver high quality legal services to our clients.

    Tell us a bit about what the business has done in the past year?

    Over the last 12 months the firm has been working towards improving and advancing technologies to enable flexible working for staff and an improved efficient service for our customers. Ever more so in the current climate, our ability to work remotely has been as a result of the firm investing in technology over the last 12 months. The firm operates on a full cloud based system, allowing staff to work all over the country if needed. In the last few months we have launched our online conveyancing calculator tool, and we are working on our brand new client portal to be launched in the coming weeks. The firm has also embraced paper-lite policy over the last few months.

    What are your proudest moments within the business?

    To become Senior Director of the firm last month was a huge honour, my role now is to build on the successful foundations already made and continue to be recognised as one of the most successful law firms in the County.

    I have worked at Ringrose Law since 2003 and for over 25 years have specialised solely in Medical Negligence and Personal Injury Law. I have had many proud moments in my career, most notably settling a multi-million medical negligence case only last month, one of the largest cases I have ever settled in my career. These cases can take many years to settle, so you really get to know your clients and want to do your best to get them the justice and compensation they deserve. As Head of one of the best Personal Injury and Medical Negligence teams in the County, our job is to help clients every day. You feel a real sense of achievement knowing you can make a huge impact on somebody’s life, often at a time when they need it the most.

    How has the current Coronavirus pandemic affected your business?

    I’m sure our firm is no different to many other similar businesses across the County. We have worked hard to manage the challenging aspects the pandemic has bought about over the last few months. The key for us has been adaptability, within a matter of days we were able to set all our staff up with the technology and support they required for home working. We have offered and continue to offer flexibility to our staff and our clients. We have continued to ‘meet’ clients, take new instructions and provide the reassurances our clients have needed. We have set up skype mediations, Teams meetings, remote court hearings, telephone conferences and now as we start to move forwards our offices are open for essential face to face client meetings. Even now as we enter into the next phase of the pandemic, we have adapted all our offices to be able to offer a safe working environment for our staff and meet clients where necessary.

    Can you offer advice to businesses struggling during this time, whether they are in the same industry as yours or not?

    My advice would be to look for the opportunities and focus on the positives. I have admired how businesses have adapted and diversified over the last few months; restaurants diversifying to take outs, firms focusing on online products and services and businesses changing the way they work.

    We have continued to deliver the same service to our clients and have adapted our working ways to do this. We have taken many positives away from the last few months and can see now how these changes will positively impact our business for many years to come.

    What are your future plans for the business?

    Our future focus continues to be on delivering a first class service to our clients. We will continue to embrace technology and adapt to our staff and client needs. Our offices are now ‘open’ but we anticipate it will be some time before we get back to ‘normal’! We have a great team at the firm and I am proud of how we have responded over the last few months. I am confident our firm will continue to be one of the best providers of legal services across the region.

    What do you think the future holds for your industry?

    Like all industries, there will always be change, and firms need to adapt to change in order to be successful. Those firms that put their clients at the heart of everything they do will continue to survive and thrive.

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