Market inn answers, ‘How should I market my reopening?’

With lockdown easing, the wheels of business are preparing to turn again. Businesses are rushing to adapt their practices and customer experiences to comply with the rules and regulations imposed due to coronavirus. One of the keys to getting your business’ wheels turning quickly and safely again? A solid marketing campaign for its reopening.  

Our full guide on how to do it is here. But first, here’s an overview of why you need to be taking the time to conduct a strong marketing campaign for your business’ reopening. 

1 – Providing essential information 

Customers need to know you’re back in business and they need to know the key information about it. This includes information such as the reopening date and your new (if it has changed) offering. Spread this message far and wide so everybody is aware that your doors are open again!

It is also important that you include ‘visit-critical’ information e.g. if they need to wear a mask to enter the shop or they need to book a time slot. People are already anxious, you don’t want to be then giving them surprises upon arrival!

2 – Building customer confidence

Just because you’re legally allowed to do business, doesn’t mean customers are going to immediately have the confidence to head out again. People need to feel assured that you have taken the time and the effort to adapt your business to make it a safe environment and experience for your customers and employees.

Visual content is key for this confidence building. Seeing real images or videos of the new safety measures – e.g. hand sanitising stations, floor markings, protective screens at the checkout – will be more effective at building confidence than only being able to read about it. Seeing is believing… 

3 – Using the right channels of communication and the right messaging

Want to know the best channels to use to get the news of your reopening spread as far and widely as possible? Want to know exactly how to use them and what you need to say? Download our full guide to marketing a reopening at Our 10 step checklist will help you get back on the road to success.