Not all events are up in the air…but this one is!

With so many events cancelled or up in the air as to whether they will be going ahead, one events company has decided that being up in the air is the place to be.

A rather unique event has been launched taking place at both the Lincolnshire Showground and Elvington Airfield near York during the first week of November 2020.

This drive-in event will feature a combination of a large fireworks display as well a hot air ballon night glow.  Due to hot air balloons having a burner to generate the hot air that provides the lift, they can put on an incredible display at night, lighting up their liveries.

The Lincoln Autumn Lights event will take place on Saturday, November 7 with tickets launched this Friday.

The event will include a funfair, street food and fire shows with full ticket details to be released on the event’s facebook page soon.