Dack Motor Group celebrates 10 years in business

Lincoln-based Dack Motor Group is celebrating a decade in business by recruiting six new members to the team.

Among the new recruits are a new Managing Director Phil Kelsey, Financial Director Simon Meakin, Marketing Executive Rachael Flower, Sales Manager Darren Hunns and two technicians.

Leo Dack, CEO and founder at DMG, said: “While the COVID-19 lockdown has been tough for all of us, we feel that by putting in enough safety measures in order to stay open, we have been able to continue to offer excellent service and now hope to see that continue with our new recruits, which we feel will only add to our high standards.”

“After a decade of success, we felt the best way to fight through this current economic challenge, but stay focussed on our growth plans, was to invest into our structure and strengthen our offering.”

“We’ve managed to stay profitable and safe during the ongoing pandemic as we made a decision to operate the business as socially-distanced and as safely as possible. We’ve introduced measures such as a remote key drop and collection system, meaning you don’t have to be in contact with anyone at all when it comes to rental or service drop-offs or deliveries. We’ve also trained our staff to drop off vehicles securely while maintaining Government guidelines.

“We believe that staying open and available to customers, we’ve been able to retain customers in a time where others in our industry are struggling as a result of doing the opposite.”

Dack Motor Group is also planning on expanding its headquarters and offering with the addition of a new 6,000 sqft van workshop later in the year.